Writing Group – Stories From Tiffany’s Life Written by Tiffany

In 2008 through 2011 Tiffany was in a writing group that met on and off. And again in June 2014 through October 2014, just a couple months before she passed away. In each session they would give out a few topics, and the ladies would write about it. The result is a treasure trove of stories from Tiffany’s life, her family and extended family, and some insights you probably didn’t know about!

>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD HER STORIES [2008,05,29 – 2011,01 Writing Group]

>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD HER STORIES [2014,06,25 – 2014,10,29 Writing Group]

Memory cards from friends and family

These cards were filled out by friends and family who attended Tiffany’s service on Jan 10, 2015… I’ve also included a couple of letters from friends, just a couple of many that were sent, who share sweet memories of Tiffany.

Memory 1Memory 2Memory 3Memory 4Memory 5Memory 6Memory 7Memory 8Memory 10Memory 9

A few letters from Tiffany’s friends

After Tiffany passed away there were many wonderful letters written to me and my family from friends. I’m posting just a few here.

Scan 1ShannonRussell1ShannonRussell2