Victory Scriptures

Victory Scriptures Cover

When Tiffany was the Relief Society President in 2008, she felt prompted to compile victory scriptures for our children to help protect them from the world. She hand-wrote these scriptures on hundreds of post cards. She decided that it would also help the ladies in the ward to have them for strength and comfort in times of difficulty. I found a copy and have scanned it into a PDF document.

CLICK HERE to download the Victory Scriptures

Personal Progress Journal


In December 2014 Tiffany decided to complete her Personal Progress. Her sister Shelby was at our house and worked with her on it. This Personal Progress Journal is what Tiffany dictated to Shelby and includes her thoughts and feelings and experiences.

CLICK HERE to download the Personal Progress Journal

The Jan Clan Blog

From Nov 2008 through Jul 2011, Tiffany updated The Jan Clan blog. It’s a family journaling of the goings-on in our family during those years. This PDF file is a compilation of all the entries and pictures that she posted on her blog.

CLICK HERE to download The Jan Clan Blog (522 pages)

Joel & Vivian Janis’ 50th Anniversary Celebration Video – 2009

Tiffany created this documentary which was watched by all of us at the celebration.

Interview with Joel and Vivian – 2009

This is a supplmentary video. Allaire asked questions and recorded Joel and Vivian giving the answers. Tiffany used some of this interview in the celebration video to tell their story in their own words.